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14 Pups are born on 03-07-2014!  After Jura's succesfull first Litter in 2013 we decided to make a combination with a very powerfull an prooven KNPV Stud "AJAX" (Brn 12369). Ajax is a Sohn of the Famous "Rudie"( H.Pegge). Ajax's Mother is exact the same as Jura's Mother wich is going back to the Legend KNPV Dog  "Smokie" (M. vh Hul).
Jura's father is "Bokito" (M Ogink), wich is going back to the famous "Tommy" bloodline (Luijken). So, in this Litter we have created our own bloodline that is going back to the Smokie bloodline, wich even has the Rudie and Tommy bloodlines inside. Because we are absolutly convinced of this Litter we decided to keep a Female for our own Breeding Programm.

Ajax is a powerfull very high driven 70cm Stud, and has prooven his quality in many competions.
Both dogs, Jura and Ajax are also 100% healthy (x-rayd from hips, elbows, back)

Litter is born in Germany (Just 5km near the Netherlands).
This litter will give social, very high drives, serious and problably dominant dogs, so pups are not for beginners!

All Pups, just a couple of hours after born.
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